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    Rachel Elorriaga commented  · 

    I can add to this from the house cleaning industry which my experience extends beyond not only working as a cleaner but also help run a cleaning company with many years of experience in different economic sectors of the industry.

    First off the tipping rhetoric has been negative for a while and has contributed to exploitation from both the housecleaner and the consumer in the form of tax avoidance and paying correct wages.

    I currently have been advocating away from tipping to the point where I have voiced to my customers that I will be coming up with a comprehensive contract that will not accept tips unless it is in the form of payment through a charity that pays down healthcare debt I owe. My past experience has been that Christmas tipping is generally recognized as mandatory within the house cleaning industry but has been decreasing the last few years. Other forms of tipping have been seen in over the top type cleanings but also has been in decline. Tipping has increased though to obtain more cleaning outside the regularly paid scope instead of seen as a thank you. Which is why I am moving away from it, the line of expectations to provide a service is being clouded with the use of tips and causes resentment by both the consumer and the house cleaners. Managing expectations in this industry is already extremely difficult due to the rapidly diversified groups of new consumers who have different budget constraints and lifestyles along with the larger homes that have been built.

    By providing the payment through a charity allows them the tax deduction and view on how I don't earn enough money to pay down my healthcare debt.

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